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May 18, 2017. But an ad-based publishing model built around maximizing page views quickly and cheaply creates uncomfortable incentives for writers, editors, and readers alike. Attention flows naturally to the outrageous, the harrowing, the intimate, and the recognizable, and the online personal essay began to harden. The instructor, Chloe Caldwell, knows a lot about writing personal essaysand placing them for publication. Her work has been published in venues like Salon, The Rumpus, Thought Catalog, Nylon, The Nervous Breakdown, xoJane, Oct 20, 2015. Im not gonna lie the hardest thing to get printed on Bustle as a freelancer is a personal essay. That said, personal essays are also what Im most in need of as our features editor. The reason theyre so difficult to get accepted is not because I d essays for personal Writing publication - Im watching this drama and this chick loses her whole college essayapplication because her computer crashed using Internet Explorer.

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Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: The Essential

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