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Learning Development Centre Approaches to assignment writing. The process involved in writing essays and assignments can be broken down into a number of key stages. 1.. Your mind will be more open and receptive to the types of errors that go unnoticed if you proof-read straight after completing the final draft. Jan 17, 2018. Writing good assignments involves building a well structured argument with logical progression, using supporting evidence. Supporting evidence includes quotations taken directly from other sources, paraphrasing someone elses writing, or referring to other published work. This paper discusses some of the challenges raised by this situation typically experienced within the Open University distance-learning model and reports on an investigation of patterns of tutor feedback in the context of written assignments in a health and social care module. A second stage of the project reported here is. Week 3 Writing university assignments Introduction. This week you will start to look at university writing, a very important student activity. You will first consider which aspects of your current writing will be useful when it comes to university-level writing and which might need a bit more work.

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The course focuses on developing academic writing skills in English. ENGL A101 prepares you for your degree-level studies and deals with skills which are central to the production of well-researched and accurately-presented written assignments. The course is relevant to students from all disciplines. This Course Guide.

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