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Returns Abuse. Amazon and eBay have generous return policies that favour the buyer. Ebay at least has seller requirements and report a buyer options which over time do help slightly. Amazon does not. Report Abuse. Report a buyers malicious comments to the Amazon team. You can click Report Abuse on the top of the comments. has attracted criticism from multiple sources, where the ethics of certain business practices and policies have been drawn into question. Amazon has also faced numerous allegations of anti-competitive or monopolistic behavior. Contents. hide. 1 Anti-competitive practices. 1.1 One-click patent 1.2 Canadian.

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Sep 18, 2017. In most cases, the only recourse brands have is to click report abuse and then potentially start a conversation with their Amazon contacts. We live and die by our reviews, said one brand that sells as a hybrid seller. Fake bot reviews are for sure a pain point. The brand, which didnt want to speak on the. The essential tech news of the moment. Technologys news site of record. Not for dummies. physician, professor, researcher, writer, filmmaker.

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