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Order the best cardiology pediatric and adult stethoscopes for. sprague rappaport style stethoscope. About. Get 10 off on your first purchase, the latest. Were sorry. It appears something went wrong when attempting to retrieve the available locations to purchase. This might mean the URL that you came from is incorrect or this page wasnt properly configured. Please re-try to navigate to this page via a product details page. Jump to Online Stores. Nearby Stores. Filter By. Stethoscopes at Office Depot OfficeMax. Copyright 2017 by Office Depot, Inc. All rights. Prices and offers on www.officedepot.com may not apply to purchases made on. Fredericksburg Pug Puppies For Sale Near Me What are the questions you should ask.

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Visit the Parts page to see all of the parts and accessories available for your Littmann stethoscope. Parts may be purchased from our retailers. Visit the Where to Buy page to find an online retailer, or a local retailer near you. Congratulations on the purchase of your new Littmann Select Stethoscope. To reduce spring tension in the headset, hold each eartube at the bend near the eartip and gradually pull apart until fully extended.

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