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Since opening its doors in 1914, Candler School of Theology has richly reflected the trials and aspirations of the past century, while also helping to imagine and. Though he doesnt stipulate that the school be sited in Atlanta, he makes reference to the assistance of fellow citizens of Atlanta, and the commission votes. Student Handbook. 2017-2018. Current Year. The University of St. Thomas School of Theology is dedicated to providing outstanding theological education in the. important implications both for individuals and for the institution. This policy statement applies to all students, and compliance with this policy is a condition for. Jan 15, 2010. I also admit that I see divinity school as a time of further discernment, a time to discover what my calling is. My own. I survived being a stay-at-home dad by day and a Harvard student by night.. To the great diverse community that is Yale Divinity School, I offer my own strange spiritual and academic path.

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