Editing An Essay Check List

Have I answered the question or task as fully as possible? What is my thesismain pointcentral position? Have I given background information or provided the context for my topic? Have I explained important termsconcepts that I will discuss? Is the focuspurpose of my paper clear? Does my introduction.

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Are plurals and possessives correct? 18. Are quotation marks used correctly? 19. Is the conclusion effective and relevant? 20. Is written text well organized on paper? Other comments Peer Editor. The following checklist will help you proofread, edit and improve your written work. When done, ask a classmate, parent. For this reason I am offering a checklist to help you with the editing stage. Now look at the conclusion does it pull your ideas together and speak to the essay prompt? Does your overall essay show, not tell? This list includes only brief examples and explanations intended for you to use as reminders while you are editing your papers. If you would like to learn more, consider the following options Take one of the free grammar, style, and punctuation classes offered by the Writing Center. Set up an appointment for an individual.

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