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ProVia replacement windows, including custom wood-vinyl and all-vinyl windows and aluminum storm windows, are unsurpassed in beauty and energy efficiency. Q Does Sunroc have windows available in stock? A We do not have any windows in stock. All windows orders, including single window orders, are custom made for that project. All window manufacturers build windows per order and do not stock windows. Q Can you rush a window or window order for me? A Some. Choosing a New Window. When your window project calls for a custom fit, Lowes delivers a perfect-fit solution. Whether youre a window aficionado or a novice, a Lowes In-Store Specialist will help you bring your custom-order window project to life. Its all about making the order process simple and rewarding. Your Lowes. With more than twenty five years experience in the window business, the Millwork Outlet knows which window manufacturers deliver quality windows and stand behind their products. The Millwork Outlet offers special order windows from Alpine at exceptional prices. We can also order from Ply Gem if that is your preferred.

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