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The Kaufman Speech Praxis Workout Book, for both clinicians and parents, helps to improve expressive language without adding difficult motor movements. These exercises give children with apraxia of speech a verbal-motor workout to stabilize the pronunciation of consonant-vowel combinations for m, p, b, t, d, n, and h. Speech therapy materials and software products are available from ACA for use with children and adults. These speech therapy resources can be used by speech-language pathologists who work with individuals who have autism, hearing impairments, developmental disabilities, and other disorders that affect. Whether it is working with adults to regain speech after a stroke or helping children speak for the first time, get the necessary speech therapy equipment and supplies you need to assist you and your patients on their path to recovery. SINCE 1974 JANELLE PUBLICATIONS HAS BEEN PROVIDING CREATIVE SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY AND LEARNING MATERIALS FOR SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS, SPECIAL EDUCATORS, CLASSROOM TEACHERS, AND PARENTS.

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