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An objective, critical, and positive book review is a priceless tool for your title. Not only does it recognize the quality of your writing, it will help elevate your books credibility and marketing potential. With its Trifecta Review Service, iUniverse offers a unique book marketing platform that gives you the choice of having three of. Dec 7, 2014. Many of you may not yet be familiar with the trending terms service design and design thinking. I know I wasnt, when I started a minor called Co-Design Studio, during my third year at the university. It was during this minor that I was introduced to a book called This is Service Design Thinking. This is Service. Home Book Marketing Services.. Book Review Service. Book marketing consultation along with marketing plan is required for books to be reviewed for.

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Quality book reviews can be difficult to acquire. Without reviews, many independent bookstores, libraries and schools will not order your book. Sending out unsolicited copies, however, is expensive and unproductive. We have some better solutions to get your work noticed! Aug 5, 2009. One question I get asked quite often is Can you recommend a good book on marketing professional services?. And to be honest, my normal answer is not really. For sole practitioners and small consulting firms, Robert Middletons Action Plan Marketing material is an excellent resource. For larger firms.

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