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Jul 27, 2017. To be fair, in certain contexts, your professional bio does need to be more formal, like Mr. Ericksons up there. But in many cases, writing a bio thats readable -- even conversational -- is actually a really good thing. That means dropping that traditional format of listing your accomplishments like a robot and. Every professional should have a well-written bio that effectively brands them for success. APEX Career Services writes bios that accurately and commendably highlight your relevant skills, expertise and accomplishments. We write compelling bios that highlights your unique attributes and qualifications. APEX Career. Artists Biography approximately 300 words 300 by check or 325 by PayPal. Requirements If you want me to write about your art it is important for me to be able to view your current artwork on your website and have access to your up to date biography andor resumecv. Editing Services Sometimes you may only need.

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