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Dec 19, 2017. With Christmas and its potential for gifts of money from generous Godparents fast approaching, now is a great time for children to open up their first savings account. Here are some of the best deals on the market right now, according to data from Dec 7, 2013. Charlottte Nelson of Moneyfacts says Offset mortgages are best suited to those who have a large amount of cash savings, and as an offset mortgage doesnt pay any interest, higher-rate taxpayers will also benefit the most from offsetting. Stock market. Individual shares can be highly volatile but UK equity. Keeping your savings simple. Born in Sweden, Ikano has been in the UK for over 21.

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Whether you want instant access to your cash, a fixed rate or an account you can manage online, We have a saving account for you. - 7 Year Fixed Rate Bonds from 2.06 AER. Terms and conditions apply, minimum deposit 1,000, UK residents only. By opening a savings account with us you will get a simple, hassle-free way to save, while getting really good interest rates.

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