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Public Services Coordinator, WalthamMetrowest, Brandeis University, Academic, 2018-02-26, Full Time, BABS. Branch Librarian, South HadleyWestern, Gaylord Memorial Library, a branch of South Hadley Public Library, Public, 2018-02-26, Part Time, MLS. Temporary Staff LibrarianAdult Services 412, Cambridge. Submit applications via email to Meredith English Monaghan, Director of Academic Fellowships by 5pm on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Rev. ELLEN SEGAL. Erika Smith, phd, edm. Dean of Academic Services, Brandeis University. MARJORIE STANZLER. Senior Director of Programs, Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. PETER TARR. DEBORAH THAXTER. Partner, Nixon Peabody, LLP. ANGEL WILLIAMS. Senior Campus Planner, Northeastern.

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